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2018-2019 Boulder Hockey Club Season Registration Now Open!

Boulder Hockey Club will offer CAHA, CCYHL, CRHL, MSGHL Team options this upcoming season.

Boulder Hockey Club had an exceptional 2017-2018 season and we look forward to an even brighter and better 2018-2019 season.

About Boulder Hockey Club

Boulder Hockey Club, founded in 1970 as a non-profit organization, is located in Superior, CO.  Boulder is a recreational, travel recreational and Tier II hockey association. BHC has a membership of more than 450 players, 35 non-parent coaches, 5 on-ice age group directors, a goalie director, a defense specialist, a player development director and an executive director.  The Boulder Bison family has an immense number of volunteers including five division directors, a registrar, a safe sport coordinator, a webmaster, a BHC booster club and nine board members. The Boulder Hockey Club is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain RoughRider Tier I program.  Boulder Hockey Club trains out of the Sport Stable sports complex, which houses 2 NHL rinks, 1 studio rink, 21 locker rooms, an 80’ x 40’ turf field, a full basketball/volleyball court, batting cages, golf bays, Synapse Physical Therapy and Impact Sports. Boulder Hockey Club is dedicated to providing Boulder area youth with a positive atmosphere that supports a fair and competitive environment. Ice hockey is a vehicle to promote sportsmanship, integrity, self-esteem, dedication and commitment as a foundation for growth, both as an individual and as a member of the community. Emphasis is placed upon family, education, personal development, community, diversity, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Bison Mission

Boulder Hockey Club and the YMCA will be operating independently this season. BHC will be offering Tier II, Travel and Recreational team options. These various teams will play in the Colorado Recreational Hockey League (CRHL), Colorado Competitive Hockey League (CCYHL), the Mountain States Girls Hockey League (MSGHL) and the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) League. All of the Boulder Bison teams will train and skate out of the Sport Stable and CU Boulder. Our goal is to provide options for our members that suite their player development, gender and financial needs. CRHL teams will be provided 2-3 ice touches a week depending on the games schedule. The CRHL averages 18 games a season. The CAHA, CCYHL and MSGHL teams will receive 4-5 ice touches a week depending on their league and tournament game schedules as well as 2 dryland session run by Impact staff.

Boulder Bison Directors

BHC has many different characteristics that separate us from other programs, but none more important than the coaches we have in our club.  At each age group classification, we have On-Ice Directors who implement skills training on a weekly basis. The Directors will run skill development practices during our Monday weekly director skates for ALL BHC teams. Each week players will receive position specific training breaking down offensive, defensive and goaltending training. Our approach is that even though each player comes to Boulder with different skill sets, athletic ability or hours logged as an ice hockey player it is our job to provide the environment, development model and coaching staff to allow all our athletes to excel. 


Executive Director of Hockey Operations 
Michele Amidon

Director of Player Development
Eric Schlie

Manager of Hockey Operations 
Martina Kleinova          


16/18U Division

16U On-Ice Director
Nate Burch

Division Director
Mark Novy

18AA/Monarch - CPHL & CHSAA
16AA1 - CAHA
16AA2 - CAHA
16A1 - CCYHL
16A2 - CCYHL
16B - CRHL


14U Division

14U On-Ice Director
James Mercure

Division Director
Heather Ringoen

14A1 - CAHA
14A2 - CCYHL
14B1 - CCYHL
14B2 - CCYHL
14C - CRHL


12U Division

12U On-Ice Director
Eric Schlie

Division Director
Lisa Short

12A1 - CCYHL
12B1 - CCYHL
12B2 - CCYHL
12C - CRHL


10U Division

10U On-Ice Director
CJ Sweigart

Division Director
Ken Clifford

10B1 - CCYHL
10B2 - CCYHL
10C - Co-ed CRHL


8U Division

8U On-Ice Director
Michele Amidon

Division Director
Amy & Garrett Smith

Advanced - CAHA
Intermediate - CAHA
Beginner - CAHA


Girls Division

Girls Ice Hockey Director
Chris Lockrem

Division Director
Jen Staufer

12A or 12B - CCYHL
10C - CRHL
Defensive Coach
Chris Lockrem

Power Skating Coach
Bobby Dominski

Power Skating Coach
Jill Kombeitz
Goalie Coach
Timm Lorenz

Dryland Director
Tim Naiman

Player Training

The average player touches the puck less than 1 minute in a game.  It is impossible to become a highly skilled player while only touching the puck for less than 1 minute in a game or 15-20 times in an average flow drill based practice.  Playing more games or only having full ice practices is not the only place to develop individual or team technical and tactical skills.  Today’s game is all about transition, speed & small area dominance. Two thirds of the game is played on one-sixth to one-third of the ice. Players need to be able to execute puck control while making quick decisions at high speeds. If we want these players to be good in high traffic areas then we need to use small area training as the means of our player-training model.  Here, at Boulder, we use a studio rink and station based drills to elevate our player’s skill development.

Our teams will work two times a week with Impact Sport, the professional strength and conditioning entity at the Sports Stable.  Tim Naiman, Impacts hockey program coordinator, puts our athletes through comprehensive training methods designed to provide optimal speed, movement, explosion, balance, power, functional strength, core stability and recovery. Along with their proven techniques, they are also committed to evaluating and developing new training and treatment methods ensuring that you are getting the best. Combine this with their outstanding rehabilitation outcomes and you will see why no one else in Colorado compares to Impact Sports.

Goaltending Training

Each goaltender will be able to train one to two times a week with our Director of Goaltending Timm Lorenz.  Coach Lorenz style of training fits the players' strengths and weaknesses.  He will create a set of variables that lays the groundwork for the goaltender's game.  His coaching style builds on the six core fundamentals of goaltending: skating, stance, positioning, save selection, rebound control and recovery. These principles lay a strong technical base complemented by a focus on an athletic, unrestrained style of play. Coach Lorenz allows goaltenders to develop their own style based on their strengths, resulting in quick efficient movements and confidence in their game.   
Wednesday:    7:40 PM- 8:40 PM      14U-18U Goalie Session
Thursdays:      5:40 PM-6:40 PM       8U- 12U Goalie Session

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Register Here - AA tryouts



*In order to tryout for a AA level team you must complete both the BHC registration and the AA tryout registration


Tryout Dates - Subject to change!

*All CRHL placements will occur after Labor Day. Dates will be announced on a later date. .


Please feel free to contact Martina, Eric or myself with any questions.

Go Bison,

Michele Amidon
Executive Director of Boulder Hockey Club